How to Call Italy From India?

Answer Calling to and from other countries is not quite as simple as calling a domestic or Canadian number. To call anywhere within the United States and Canada, all you need to do is dial 1, then the are... Read More »

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How do you make a private call from Italy?

How to Call the United States From Italy?

Slightly larger than the state of Arizona, Italy is home to crumbling ancient sites, an extensive coastline and rugged, mountainous terrain. If you place a call from Italy expect to deal with a lan... Read More »

How to Make a Call in Italy From a USA Cell Phone?

When traveling in Italy, calling home can sometimes be a challenge. International payphones can be expensive and confusing. Using a cell phone with an international plan can also be costly due to r... Read More »

Can you call the US from India with iPhone 3g?

yes but not in the normal sense you must buy a Verizon iPhone and have it flashed with cricket software capable on the iPhone im sure a OS will arise soon after the release of Verizon iPhone is rel... Read More »