How to Call Ducks?

Answer The secret to a successful duck hunt is to lure ducks close enough to kill them. If they're too far away, you'll simply scare them when you shoot. This can ruin not only your hunt, but that of othe... Read More »

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How to Call Mallard Ducks?

Calling Mallard ducks is a trick that many hunters learn to help them hunt. Using a duck call to attract ducks to an area is an effective way to hunt and will lead to a successful kill. Some people... Read More »

What do call ducks eat?

Call ducks eat wheat, pellet mix, calcified seaweed, grass worms, and other insects found in soil and streams. Diet varies by season and is also dependent on the conditions under which the ducks ar... Read More »

How to Call Ducks & Geese?

Duck calling is usually done during hunting season to attract ducks and geese to hunters so that they are easier to shoot. Duck and goose calling is actually a fairly difficult skill to master, and... Read More »

What do you call a crate of ducks?

A group of ducks on land is called a team or a badling. Ducks on the water can be called a paddling or a raft. In the air, they are called a flight or a flock. A flush is a hunting term. A brace is... Read More »