How to Call Australia?

Answer Trying to contact a friend or relative Down Under? No worries, mate. Placing a phone call to Australia from anywhere in the world is quick and easy if you have an understanding of the international... Read More »

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With time warner it costs $.08/minute to call Australia on a land line. To call a mobile phone is $1.55 why?

there all like that....I use my calling card for that reason...its still a little cheaper, even cell-phones....I guess there have to pay all kind of are the fees I pay...Australia61$0.... Read More »

What do they call a bar in Australia?

Does Australia have a 'do not call' registry?

It will do - by the end of May! You can register and no telemarketers are allowed to contact you! How cool is that! I wonder if it will include those call that come from India???

How do you call over 75 percent of Australia?