How to Calibrate an Optoma HD-70 Projector?

Answer In order to receive optimal quality out of an Optoma HD-70 projector, it is important to calibrate it to the proper settings. A projector is used in either business or home theater settings to proj... Read More »

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How can I unlock a Optoma GT720 HD Projector (purchasing on eBay)?

Before you buy it look on optima support or google unlocking the exact projector and make sure its possible without code and optima support may have a way to overide the lock out.I'm sure an optima... Read More »

How to Connect an Acer Model HCW 5051 to an Optoma Projector?

The Acer laptop computer with an HCW 5051 motherboard has a video output port for connecting an external monitor, TV or other device, such as an Optoma projector. The 15-pin output, known as a vide... Read More »

How to Connect the Remote Mouse on the Optoma Projector Ep761?

The Optoma Projector Ep761 is a personal projector for computers, whose main use is for presentations. To aid in presentations, the projector comes equipped with a remote control and a laser pointe... Read More »

I have purchased a optoma 1080p projector (no built-in sound), a LG blu ray home cinema system and xbox 360?

The problem is that your home theater in a box may not have any audio inputs. It is mainly designed for you to watch a movie with the built in player with surround sound. You would connect the vide... Read More »