How to Calibrate an Aneroid Sphygmomanometer?

Answer In recent years, hospitals have moved away from the use of mercury sphygmomanometers because of the health hazards that mercury poses if the apparatus breaks. Initially, some people worried that th... Read More »

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On which arm should I take the BP from when using ANEROID or DIGITAL?

Tips for accurate use:No matter what type of home blood pressure monitor you choose, proper use requires some practice and training. Take the device to your doctor or nurse or find a class at your ... Read More »

How to Use a Sphygmomanometer?

Sphygmomanometers and stethoscopes are available for purchase by the general public and you can quickly to learn to use them properly. Carrying out your own blood-pressure readings should never be ... Read More »

Instructions on Using a Sphygmomanometer?

A sphygmomanometer is a device used to measure blood pressure. A sphygmomanometer consists of an inflatable cuff, or compression bag, with a bulb at the end of a rubber tube. The bulb is used to ... Read More »

How to Use a Manual Sphygmomanometer?

A sphygmomanometer is a device used for measuring blood pressure. It comes from the Greek word sphygmos, meaning pulse, and manometer, which is a scientific term meaning pressure meter. The way it ... Read More »