How to Calibrate a Torque Wrench?

Answer Torque wrench calibration is important to the safety and effectiveness of your home and car repairs, as well as the functionality of the torque wrench itself. Use your torque wrench safely and eff... Read More »

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How to Set the Torque on a Clicker Torque Wrench?

A torque wrench is a tool that is used to tighten bolts and nuts. Torque wrenches are different from other wrenches in that they have a torque setting dial on the handle. This allows the user to ti... Read More »

How to Use a Torque Wrench?

One of the necessary tools for the home auto mechanic is a torque wrench. If you want to follow all the manufacturer's recommendations for repairs and routine service, you will need to know how tig... Read More »

The Torque Wrench Won't Go Low Enough?

Torque wrenches can be used for all sorts of precise tightness settings, but fine settings require using the right type of wrench. Not every torque wrench will work at very small tightness levels. ... Read More »

What is a torque wrench?

The precision tool known as a torque wrench tightens nuts and bolts by allowing the user to control torque, or circular force. The two types of torque wrenches are the beam and click torque wrench.... Read More »