How to Calibrate a MadCatz PS3 Controller?

Answer The PS3 controller that comes with the Sony PlayStation 3 uses Bluetooth to connect to the PS3. Third party controllers, like the MadCatz PS3 controller, use wireless USB connections to connect to ... Read More »

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How do I Use a Madcatz X-Box360 Controller for Oblivion on a PC?

Microsoft's wired Xbox 360 controllers use a standard USB connector to connect to the Xbox 360 as well as computers. The Xbox 360 controller has become one of the most commonly supported PC gamepa... Read More »

Give you conferences for references of micro controller based traffic density analyzer cum controller?

on the keybord push menu and connect buuton and wait ,, what remot do u have..??

How one can become a civil licensed controller if one is already working as a military controller with Indian air force?

How to Upgrade From an Electronic Brake Controller to an Inertia Brake Controller?

Trailer brake controllers are available in a variety of styles. Two of the most common are time-delay controllers and inertia-based controllers. Time delay controllers have an electrical signal tha... Read More »