How to Calibrate Micrometer Calipers?

Answer Micrometer calipers, also known as micrometers or simply "mikes," are among the most accurate hand tools available to machinists, wood workers and home remodeling enthusiasts. One of the main draws... Read More »

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Are the Mach1 calipers the same as the Cobra calipers?

The Ford Mustang Mach 1 and the Ford Mustang Cobra use the same calipers. In some cases, each are identified with the model name on the calipers, but they are interchangeable.References:American Mu... Read More »

How big is a micrometer?

A micrometer is a metric unit of distance one-millionth of a meter in length. It is a common unit for the measurement of light waves, and is also known as a micron. There are 25,400 micrometers in ... Read More »

How to Use an ID Micrometer?

You can use micrometers to measure the outer dimensions of parts that are made in a manual or CNC machine. Place the material in between the two rods and turn the thimble to find the outer dimensio... Read More »

How long is a micrometer?

The prefix "micro" means "one millionth of." A micrometer, also known as a micron, is one-millionth of a meter. Therefore, it's one-thousandth of a millimeter. A micrometer is equal to .00004 inche... Read More »