How to Calculate the pH of a Two-Chemical Mixture?

Answer You know how to calculate the pH of an acid in solution or a base in solution, but calculating the pH of two acids or two bases in solution is a little bit trickier. Using the formula described bel... Read More »

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How to Calculate the Volume of a Powder Mixture?

You can easily measure the packing, or bulk, volume of a given amount of a powder mixture by placing it in a graduated cylinder. But any powder mixture will contain some air, and the packing volume... Read More »

How do I calculate chemical levels for swimming pools?

Add Chemicals to the PoolAdd the right amount of chlorine or nonchlorine-based chemicals to your pool. Find the correct amount of chemicals on the box you purchased. Choose how much to add based on... Read More »

How to Calculate the Order of Reaction in Chemical Kinetics?

Chemical kinetics is primarily concerned with the physical metrics of chemical reactions. Common subjects in chemical kinetics include reaction rates, thermodynamics and chemical equilibriums. Chem... Read More »

How is air a mixture?

Although many people may think of air as being synonymous with oxygen, in reality air is composed of a variety of substances, only about 20 percent of which is oxygen, according to the Encyclopedia... Read More »