How to Calculate the Theoretical Free Energy of Metabolism?

Answer The Gibbs free energy of a system measures the amount of energy capable of doing nonexpansion work. Gibbs free energy cannot be directly measured, but the change in Gibbs free energy associated wit... Read More »

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How to Calculate Theoretical Capacity?

Compute the theoretical capacity of a container or storage area before filling to prevent waste or overflow. Theoretical capacity is a measure of the interior volume of a container, or how much sp... Read More »

How to Calculate Theoretical Voltage?

The only way to accurately determine the voltage in a system is to measure it using a voltmeter. You can, however, calculate the voltage from an appliance's power rating and the current running thr... Read More »

What is the definition of energy metabolism?

Energy metabolism is the process in which ingested food is converted into energy by the human body. Energy is then stored, used, or burned. Different types of food contain various amounts of fats, ... Read More »

How to Calculate Flow Energy?

Flow energy usually represents the forces of gravity, pressure, heat, mechanical systems or some combination of these applied to a mass of fluid, vapor or gas over a period of time. This causes th... Read More »