How to Calculate the Sum of N Numbers?

Answer Calculating the sum of a series is a simple process when the series is short. Suppose that you are asked to calculate the sum of first three integers. In this case, N is equal to 3 and the sum equa... Read More »

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How to Calculate Probablilty of Numbers?

The probability of a number is the likelihood that the number will occur within a set of possible outcomes. You might want to investigate the probability of a number in a game of chance. For exampl... Read More »

How to Calculate Combinations of Numbers?

In math a combination is a selection of things from a group. The number of possible combinations depends on the size of the group. It is important to remember that with combinations, the order of t... Read More »

How to Calculate Powers of Numbers?

The powers of numbers are also called exponents. A number, X, to the power of 2 is also referred to as X squared. The number X to the power of 3 is called X cubed. X is called the base number. Calc... Read More »

How to Calculate Fibonacci Numbers?

The Fibonacci sequence is a famous mathematical progression that is found almost everywhere in nature -- from the nautilus' shell to the branching of trees to the flowering of an artichoke -- and c... Read More »