How to Calculate the Sides of a Square From the Hypotenuse?

Answer Discovered at least 2,000 years ago, the Pythagorean theorem is one of the most well-known and applied theorems in Euclidean geometry. Simply stated, the theorem says that in a right-angled triangl... Read More »

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What Shapes are the Sides of a Square Pyramid?

Not all pyramids are created equal. While a true pyramid is made up of four triangles, including the bottom, there are other pyramid shapes. The square-bottomed pyramid is a classic structure in ci... Read More »

How to Measure the Square Feet in an Acre That Has Four Unequal Sides?

Parcels of land can end up having four sides that are not always equal as they are divided to conform to roads and natural obstacles. This can make determining the area of the land more difficult t... Read More »

How to Calculate Sides of a Right Triangle?

A right triangle has one right angle, which is 90 degrees, that is labeled "C." The opposite side, which is the longest side, is the hypotenuse, or "c." The side adjacent to "C" that sits horizonta... Read More »

How to Calculate Sides of a Triangle?

Calculating the sides of a triangle helps you to determine the perimeter of a triangle even if you only have the measure of two of the angles and one of the sides. To find the sides of the triangle... Read More »