How to Calculate the Repulsion of Two Charges?

Answer Electrical charges show one of the four fundamental forces. Electrical charges will attract and repel each other depending on their charge; equal charges repel, different charges attract. The law t... Read More »

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How do I calculate DHL shipping charges?

Calculate Shipping Charges for DHL OnlineGo to and locate the link labeled "Get Rate and Time Quote." Click on this link. A pop-up window loads named "DHL Capability Tool." Fill in the requ... Read More »

How do I calculate FedEx charges?

Weigh Your PackageWeigh your package. Stand on a bathroom scale and record your weight. Stand on the scale again, holding the package and record the weight. Subtract the first weight from the secon... Read More »

How to Calculate Finance Charges on a New Car Loan?

Many individuals want to purchase a new car, but they may not know whether the car is affordable. Before acting impulsively or giving in to temptation, take the time to consider all the financial d... Read More »

How to Calculate Ticket Service Charges?

Whether purchasing a ticket for a concert or show, air travel, train or other event, many ticket offices charge a variety of fees. Typically the list of fees will be posted on the ticket seller's w... Read More »