How to Calculate the Ratio of a Pentagram?

Answer A pentagram is a five-pointed star shape. It is used as a symbol for a variety of religions all over the world and for some witchcraft-related religions. For some uses, it is sometimes seen fully e... Read More »

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How to Calculate a 1:10 Ratio?

Scale ratios are often used to describe models of things such as trains, cars or motorcycles. These items are often referred to as scale models because they are not merely smaller versions of the i... Read More »

How to Calculate a Mixing Ratio?

The mixing ratio is a concept in atmospheric science that describes the ratio of wet to dry particles in the air. Conceptually it is similar to humidity but can refer to other elements as well. A m... Read More »

How to Calculate Slope Ratio?

The slope of a line is the angle at which it rises or falls, and a ratio is a comparison of values. Based on this, the slope can be expressed as a ratio. In the case of a line's slope, the ratio is... Read More »

How to Calculate Leverage Ratio?

Leverage ratio is a financial term used to describe the way that a company invests its assets. Specifically, it describes the amount of equity a company has in relation to its debt. Knowing how to ... Read More »