How to Calculate the RPM of a Motor?

Answer Electric motors perform work by converting electrical energy into that of mechanical. The mechanical energy is usually manifested by a rotatable shaft or armature. In vehicles, this armature operat... Read More »

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How to Calculate Kw Demand for a Motor?

Horsepower and kilowatts are interchangeable methods for defining power output, and different countries standardize using different methods. Horsepower and kilowatt needs will vary depending on the... Read More »

How to Calculate the Torque of a Motor?

The torque of a motor is the amount of force that an engine generates. This force is used to rotate a lever arm attached to the engine, which in turn propels the entire vehicle. Torque determines t... Read More »

How to Calculate Compression of a Motor?

The compression (or compression ratio) of a motor is a valuable indicator of a motor's efficiency. The compression ratio is defined as the ratio of the volume in the combustion chamber from the gre... Read More »

How do I calculate electric motor torque?

Conversion ChartConsult a horsepower-to-torque conversion chart. Draw a line from the rated horsepower (found on the motor's nameplate) in column one to the full-load RPM (also found on the motor's... Read More »