How to Calculate the Power Draw of an RV Refrigerator?

Answer In addition to gas operation, most RV refrigerators are capable of operating on 12 volt DC (direct current) battery power and 110 volt household AC (alternating current). Calculating the power dra... Read More »

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How to Calculate Power Amp Current Draw From an Output Wattage?

Every time you use an electrical appliance, it consumes power. The power consumption of appliances is usually printed on them, expressed as a value in watts. U.S. homes are supplied with a constant... Read More »

How much power does a computer power supply draw?

A typical desktop computer power supply draws between 60 watts to 250 watts. By comparison, a laptop computer power supply draws between 15 watts and 45 watts. While on standby mode, a PC power sup... Read More »

How many watts does your refrigerator draw?

Each refrigerator manufacturer has a different wattage. Look on the back of the unit and that information will be readily available.

Typical current draw for a refrigerator?

My 20 year old upright freezer is about 10A starting, 3.27 amp running (263 watts) My 10 year old fridge is very similar