How to Calculate the Percentage of Two Numbers?

Answer The percentage between two numbers describes their relative sizes. If one number is a hundred percent of another, the two numbers are the same size. If one is 50 percent of another, the second is t... Read More »

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How to Find the Average Percentage Between Two Numbers?

The percentage difference between two numbers determines the average percentage change between them without favoring one number or the other as a starting point. For example, you can find the avera... Read More »

How to Find the Percentage Difference of Two Numbers?

The percentage difference or change between two numbers expresses the significance of the change rather than just the numerical difference. For example, a decrease of four minutes in the time it ta... Read More »

How to Figure Out the Percentage Decrease Between Two Numbers?

When something decreases, you can measure the decrease as a quantity, but a quantity does not give any way to know the significance of the decrease. For example, if 50 cookies are taken at an event... Read More »

How to Calculate the Value of a Given Percentage?

A percent equals the part divided by the whole. So, with percentages you are looking at just part of a value. In order to find the value of a given percentage, you need to know the whole number you... Read More »