How to Calculate the PE of a Stock?

Answer The price-to-earnings -- P/E -- ratio is a widely used stock valuation measurement. The P/E can be used to compare different stocks with widely different stock prices. A $100 dollar stock with a P/... Read More »

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How to Calculate the Book Value of a Stock?

In the world of accounting and finance assets tend to have two different values: book value and market value. Market value is the value of an asset in the market--the price you can reasonably obtai... Read More »

How do I calculate stock value per share?

Determine the company's net income as of the date you want to calculate the value per share of stock, and subtract the value of dividends paid on preferred shares of stock. This is the numerator of... Read More »

How do I calculate dividends on stock?

How To Calculate A DividendCalculating a dividend is simple. Companies issue yields on common and preferred shares. This is the dividend as a percentage. You can merely take the shares price and mu... Read More »

How to Calculate Stock Dilution?

Stock dilution, also sometimes referred to as equity dilution, refers to what happens when a company decides to issue more stock to new investors. When the "float" (the amount of shares on the mark... Read More »