How to Calculate the Output Speed of a Gear?

Answer The two principle objectives of selecting transmission gear ratios in motor vehicles are optimized performance and fuel economy. In the case of rapid acceleration, gear ratios are calculated to kee... Read More »

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How to Calculate Gear Speed?

According to, "gears are a series of continuous levers," which is an accurate assessment of how they work. Drive gear sets are used to multiply torque or to increase shaft speed, a... Read More »

How to Calculate the Speed From Gear Rates?

A car's gear rate is the means of stating how its gears interrelate and affect each others' speeds. It describes how the rotational speed of the engine's gears, also known as the engine speed, and ... Read More »

How to Calculate the Motorcycle Speed From the Gear Ratio?

A gear ratio compares the number of teeth in two interlocking gears. In a motorcycle and other engines, differently sized gears are used to transmit power from the engines to the wheels. Using a tr... Read More »

How to Calculate Speed Based on Gear Ratios?

Gear ratio can have a profound effect on how your vehicle performs. Moving to a higher (numerically lower) ratio can improve your freeway mileage because your engine is turning fewer RPMs, but the ... Read More »