How to Calculate the Oscillation Frequency of the Molecule?

Answer Oscillation Frequency is a measure of the number of times a wave peaks in one second. It can also be interpreted as the number of peaks that pass through a stationary point in one second. Since mol... Read More »

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How to Calculate Mass in Grams of a Molecule?

A molecule is the smallest unit of a substance that still retains the characteristics of that substance. It is too small to see with the naked eye or to weigh on a mass balance. Yet scientists ofte... Read More »

How to Calculate the Amount of Ions in a Dissolved Molecule?

Dissolving occurs when a solid substance separates molecularly and each molecule of the solid is separated by water molecules. Dissolution of molecules is important to many life processes, such as ... Read More »

How to Calculate Bandwidth Frequency?

Bandwidth frequency refers to the range of electromagnetic or sound frequencies that can be transmitted successfully through a medium. This medium can be a solid, liquid or gas. The ability to tra... Read More »

How to Calculate Flood Frequency?

Flood frequency refers to how often a flood of a given size can be expected for a certain location. It can be represented as the probablility that a particular size of flood will occur each year. F... Read More »