How to Calculate the Ohms for Speaker Run in Series?

Answer There are different ways of connecting multiple resistive elements like speakers to each other in an electric circuit. When the speakers are connected "end-to-end" -- that is, in a daisy chain with... Read More »

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How to Make a 4-Ohm Speaker Into 2 Ohms?

Ohms are a unit of measure for resistance in electrical circuits. The output of an amplifier or receiver varies depending upon the resistance of the speaker it is connected to. Varying the resistan... Read More »

How to Calculate Ohms?

Ohms are the units in which resistance is measured. Resistance refers to the opposition of free electrons moving through conductors. Resistance changes with changes in voltage and current. Calculat... Read More »

How to Calculate Ohms to Microfarads?

In a high school or college electronics class, a very typical activity when studying alternating-current circuits is to determine the ohm equivalents of farads in capacitors. Capacitive reactance i... Read More »

Between Sonus Faber Toy Tower(8 ohms) or Sonus Faber Concerto Domus(4ohms), which speaker is worth buying!!?

Sonus Faber makes some very nice sounding speakers, but its also important to understand when getting good speakers like these that the equipment driving them is equally as important. If you spend... Read More »