How to Calculate the Number of Hosts Per Subnet?

Answer In computer networking, subnets are used for routing purposes. Internet protocol (IP) networks are sometimes divided into logical subnets, which are parts of the network that can be distinctly addr... Read More »

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How do i calculate the number of host on a network with a subnet mask ...say

yes,that's right (2^12)-2 = 4094 hosts.Where you get the 12 ?it's the sum of the zero bit from255.255.240.0 which is in binary11111111.11111111.11110000.00000000

What is the maximum number of workstations you can have on the subnet?

An IPv4 address is divided into four sets of eight bits. The maximum number workstations is 2 raised to the power of "n" minus 2, where "n" is the the number bits allocated to the subnet. A Class ... Read More »

The subnet mask is applied to the packet. what subnet is the packet sent to?

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