How to Calculate the Molarity of Proteins?

Answer When purifying proteins, you need to be be able to calculate their concentration. There are a variety of ways to do so, including the Biuret test, the Lowry assay, the BCA assay and the Bradford as... Read More »

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How to Calculate Molarity in a Titration?

Titration is a process for finding the concentration of a chemical solution. Titration makes use of the physical evidence of a chemical reaction to determine the amount of a known chemical that is ... Read More »

How to Calculate Molality From Molarity?

Molarity and molality are often confused. Both are units of concentration used in chemistry, based on the mole. A mole is a fixed number of atoms or molecules that chemists use in measurement, much... Read More »

How to Calculate Molarity of a Hypersaline Solution?

Saline is an aqueous solution of salt (sodium chloride) commonly used in the medical industry. The content of salt required differs according to its intended application. A hypersaline solution con... Read More »

How to Calculate Molarity of Change in Temperature?

There are many ways to describe the concentration of a solution in science. Two common expressions are molarity and molality. Though similar, there are some basic difference between the two. Molari... Read More »