How to Calculate the Minor Arc of a Circle?

Answer A radius is a line drawn from the center of the circle to its edge. When you draw two radii in a circle, you divide the circumference of the circle into two arcs: The major arc, which is the larger... Read More »

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How to Calculate Degrees in a Circle?

The ancient people of Mesopotamia studied the skies, looking for omens. (See Reference 1) Watching the sun, the moon and the five planets visible to the naked eye (Jupiter, Mars, Mercury, Saturn an... Read More »

How to Calculate the Arc & Angles of a Circle?

An arc is any segment of a circle. The length of an arc is difficult to measure because of the circle's curvature but can be calculated using the mathematical relationships within the circle. The l... Read More »

How to Calculate the Area of a Circle?

Follow these steps to find the area of a circle. You will also learn how to find the area of a sector, which is a slice of a circle, similar in shape to a slice of pie or pizza.

How to Calculate a Turning Circle?

Turning circle, also commonly referred to by the misnomer "turning radius," is the amount of space needed for a vehicle to make a full 180-degree turn while keeping its base in one location. The te... Read More »