How to Calculate the Mass of a Particle?

Answer Mass refers to the amount of matter contained within an object or particle, in the absence of gravitational force. The mass of an object or particle remains the same unless there is growth or shrin... Read More »

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What is the mass of a neutron particle?

The neutron found within the nucleus of an atom has a mass of 1.6749286 x 10-27 kilograms. In chemistry, the mass of a neutron is often referred to as one atomic mass unit. Neutrons have have a neu... Read More »

Which particle would you add to the nucleus to add more mass but not add more charge?

It is now called the 4S, and yes, the 4 is now $99 for the 8gb model.

How to Calculate the Mass (in amu)?

Amu stands for atomic mass units, a measure of very small masses. Each amu equals 1/12th the mass of a carbon-12 atom. Because the amu is so small, you usually use powers of 10 to represent the mas... Read More »

How to Calculate Weight from Mass?

Have you ever wondered why things weigh less on the moon than they do here on Earth, or how much you would weigh if you decided to go walking on the sun? Presumably you have the same mass here as y... Read More »