How to Calculate the Mass of Carbon Dioxide Gas?

Answer You will far more likely know a quantity of carbon dioxide's volume than its mass. The density of this volume, and its consequent mass, depends on two factors. An increased pressure corresponds wit... Read More »

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What are some uses for carbon dioxide?

-Solid carbon dioxide (dry ice) can be used as refrigeration which is about two times colder than frozen water- Carbon dioxide is used in life jackets to inflate them in case of emergencies and als... Read More »

What are five uses of carbon dioxide?

What Are the Uses of Carbon Dioxide Gas?

Carbon dioxide is an odorless (at very low concentrations), colorless gas that is stable at room temperature. Living creatures produce carbon dioxide as a waste product of respiration, which is the... Read More »

How much does carbon dioxide gas weigh?

Carbon dioxide weighs 44 g per mole. At room temperature and pressure, which is about 77 degrees F, and 1 atmosphere of pressure, 44 g of carbon dioxide takes up about 0.82 cubic feet. Therefore, 1... Read More »