How to Calculate the List Price of an Item on Sale?

Answer See an item on sale and want to find its list price? Here's how!

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The sale price of a photography book is 20 percent off the list price if the sale price of the book is 10 what is the list price?

How to Determine Average List Price to Sale Price Ratio?

The average list-to-sale price ratio, expressed as a percentage, is the ratio of the average listing price to the average selling price of residential properties in a period. Depending on condition... Read More »

Employees of a discount appliance store receive an additional 20 off of the lowest price on an item If an employee purchases a dishwasher during a 15 off sale how much will he pay if the dishwashe?

You did not give a starting price. So, I will use $100 because it is easy to see how it is calculated with that amount. First, you deduct 15% from $100 to get the sale price of $85. Next, you deduc... Read More »

How to Calculate the Price of a Petrol Sale Using Craig's Theorem?

Craig's Theorem can be used to calculate in advance the amount you will have to pay when buying petrol. This can be useful if you only have limited funds or are keeping to a tight budget.