How to Calculate the Hours to Clean a Residence?

Answer Knowing how long it is going to take you to clean a home is especially helpful if you are providing a housekeeping service. This allows you to plan your day effectively and can help you determine w... Read More »

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How to Calculate Man Hours?

There are different reasons why someone would want to calculate man hours. With labor costs arguably one of the biggest expense in any job, savvy employers have to calculate man hours needed for ev... Read More »

How do I calculate fte hours?

Calculating FTE HoursCalculate the amount of hours one person works full time each year or Full Time Equivalent (FTE). If it is a standard 5 days a week, 8 hours a day job, the equation looks like ... Read More »

How to Calculate Chill Hours?

Fruit trees need a certain number of chill hours, also called chill units, each winter to produce fruit the next summer. Each tree needs a dormant rest period, and the lower temperatures during the... Read More »

How to Calculate Engine Hours?

"Engine hours" refers to the number of hours that your engine has been running since it was new. Many construction vehicles, trucks or other vehicles that spend a lot of time idling have a meter ... Read More »