How to Calculate the Height of a Tree?

Answer Landscapers frequently need to calculate the height of a tree before felling it. A variety of methods work for estimating a tree's height without measuring it directly. One such method uses the hei... Read More »

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How to Measure the Height of a Tree?

On September 7, 2006 the San Francisco Chronicle reported that researchers had just discovered a 378 foot (113 meters) tall tree that is probably the world's tallest living tree. If you think you c... Read More »

How to Calculate Seat Height?

Carpenters and woodworking hobbyists face the dilemma of choosing a height for the custom seat they're building. Depending on the application and personal taste, the height of the seat varies signi... Read More »

How to Calculate Metacentric Height?

If you hear people tossing around terms like "metacentric height," you're either taking a class in naval architecture, or you're preparing for a U.S. Coast Guard licensing examination. Determining ... Read More »

How to Calculate the Height of a Pyramid?

A pyramid can be a collection of other shapes. One special type of pyramid is the square-based pyramid, where four triangular faces sit atop a square base and connect above at one point called the ... Read More »