How to Calculate the Heat Change of a SOL?

Answer When you dissolve a solute in water, energy moves as bonds break and form. When sodium chloride, for instance, dissolves in water, it absorbs energy from the water to break up the ions' crystal lat... Read More »

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How to Calculate Room Heat?

During the winter season in colder climates keeping warm at home can require massive blankets and a heater. Knowing how much heat is needed to fill your room can help you maintain a comfort tempera... Read More »

How Do I Calculate the COP of a Heat Pump?

COP is an abbreviation for coefficient of performance. This is a very important value that is used to rate the efficiency of heating and cooling systems. COP can be used to rate many different devi... Read More »

How to Calculate Specific Heat?

Specific heat is the amount of energy required to raise 1 gram of a pure substance by 1 degree. The specific heat of a substance is dependent on both its molecular structure and its phase. A French... Read More »

How to Calculate Heat Capacity?

Definition: The heat capacity of a body is the amount of heat energy required to raise its temperature by 1 degree Celsius or 1 Kelvin.(Source: Standard 10 Physics book)Formula: heat capacity=(Amou... Read More »