How to Calculate the Gear Ratio in an Acura Transmission?

Answer Gear ratios in an Acura transmission are calculated in the exact same way that gear ratios are calculated in other transmissions. Indeed, gear ratio calculations are the same for every system that ... Read More »

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How to Figure Transmission Gear Ratio?

Automobiles typically have one of two types of transmissions: manual and automatic. Regardless of what type your car has, they both function in the same manner: they contain a number of different s... Read More »

How to Calculate Rear End Gear Ratio?

The rear end gear ratio of your particular automobile will indicate the balance in power and speed of your specific car. Most high-performance sports cars have a higher gear ratio of 3.5-4.2 s, whi... Read More »

How to Calculate the Gear Ratio for a Tire?

You can calculate the gear ratio for a tire manually or by utilizing an online calculator. Gear ratio is related to the size of the tire and the RPM output of the engine. When you decrease the size... Read More »

What rear end gear ratio do I need for a four-speed manual transmission?

Many rear gear ratios can be used with a four-speed manual transmission. A higher numerical ratio is actually a lower gear ratio. Many ratios from 2.43:1 ( for economy) to greater than 5:57:1 (for ... Read More »