How to Calculate the Dynamic Range?

Answer The dynamic range is the difference between the highest and lowest value of a measurement, which can be either light or sound. The value is displayed as a ratio or multiplied by a logarithmic funct... Read More »

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How to Create High Dynamic Range Photographs?

HDR photos turn out hyper-real and bring out all the details in a scene.Have you ever seen those hyper-real and ultra-contrasty photos and wondered how they're done? A normal digital camera sensor ... Read More »

How many stops of dynamic range does the Canon T2i have?

These folks seem to think that it is 11.5 EV.…

How to Calculate Dynamic Pressure?

Dynamic pressure is a physics-based mathematical calculation that allows you to determine the changing pressures that occur through pipes, hoses or other capsules with changing pressure readings. ... Read More »

How to Calculate Range?

If you're a statistician, "range" represents the difference between the highest value of a data set or the lowest value of a data set. You can also apply the range to a frequency distribution, in w... Read More »