How to Calculate the Dimensions of Roof Rafters?

Answer A roof rafter is a beam of wood that runs down the roof from the roof's peak to the top of the outer wall. Carpenters typically need to know the dimensions of a roof rafter to determine the materia... Read More »

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How to Figure Roof Rafters?

A variety of methods exist for calculating a roof rafter's length without measuring the rafter directly. One of the simplest uses the Pythagorean theorem to calculate the roof rafter length from th... Read More »

How to Build Rafters for Roof Construction?

There are about as many variations of roof design as there are roof designers. A majority of roofs are basic gable, which slopes on two sides, or hip, which slopes on four sides, or some combinatio... Read More »

New roof problem- damp rafters- cold?

Hi Sara,Hard to give an exact answer without actually inspecting your attic but, twothings-cold outside and damp rafters, give me a clue to potential problems.It sounds like warm air from your livi... Read More »

How to Calculate Image Dimensions?

The dimensions of your image are a factor of the number of pixels in your image and pixels or dots per inch, known as ppi or dpi. The dimensions of your image can vary, depending on whether you wan... Read More »