How to Calculate the Depth of a Walkway Slope?

Answer The depth of a sloped walkway forms one side of a right triangle. The other two sides of the triangle are the sloped walkway itself and the horizontal surface beneath it. Because a 90-degree angle ... Read More »

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How to Calculate Run & Slope?

In mathematics, the slope of a line is indicative of the incline or steepness of a line. Calculate slope by dividing the rise of the line by the run of the line. The rise is the vertical change, wh... Read More »

How to Calculate Slope on a Map?

Maps are used to depict an area of land in two dimensions. Because land is rarely flat and often has various changes in elevation, topographical maps have been designed to show the rise and fall in... Read More »

How to Calculate Rise & Slope?

The slope of a straight line is equal to the slope's rise divided by its run. The rise and run can both be established by viewing the straight line on a graph. The rise over run equation can be use... Read More »

How to Calculate Slope Triangles?

Each point along a graphed line corresponds to a coordinate set containing a value along the x-axis and one along the y-axis. From the coordinate set of points on the line, you can determine the sl... Read More »