How to Calculate the Density of a Polymer Blend?

Answer A polymer is a unique molecule that is made up of many identical units. Each individual unit is called a monomer ("mono" means one and "mer" means unit). The prefix "poly" means "many" -- a polym... Read More »

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Disadvantage of Polymer Blend Bumper?

Polymers have revolutionized almost every industry on the planet. From cars to computers, polymer blends have created faster, lighter, more capable products. Unfortunately, newer is not always bett... Read More »

Ways to Calculate Density?

Normally, density is the unit of grams per cubic centimeter. Grams refer to the mass of a substance, while cubic centimeters are the volume. There is no way to directly measure the density of an ob... Read More »

How to Calculate Species Density?

Species density refers to the number of individuals of a species in an area. It is measured in individuals per unit area. It is a useful value that can be used to determine the health of an ecosyst... Read More »

How to Calculate Material Density?

The density of a material is defined as its mass per unit volume--the Greek letter rho is used to express the density of an object. When calculating density, it is important to remember that mass a... Read More »