How to Calculate the Decayed, Missing & Filled Teeth Index Ratio?

Answer The decayed, missing and filled teeth (DMFT) index is used to describe the prevalence of dental decay in adults. The index includes an individual's number of decayed, missing and filled permanent t... Read More »

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How to Calculate Missing Ratio?

A ratio is a way of comparing the sizes of two different numbers. A ratio is closely related to the concept of a proportion, which is an equation that uses ratios to compare the sizes of two differ... Read More »

How to Calculate a Missing Ratio in a Proportion?

Writing out proportions is a useful way to visualize multiple ratios. A ratio describes the relationship between different values. For instance, if you had three oranges for every five apples then ... Read More »

Possible my teeth decayed while i slept?

This could be due to 2 reasons, lack of flouride and build up of plaque.. get your teeth cleaned up from the dentist, coz if there is a build up of plaque that will increase the rate of tooth deca... Read More »

How to Stop Black Decayed Teeth?

Numerous factors contribute to black, decayed teeth. According to, three factors must be present in the mouth for tooth decay to take place: the tooth, bacteria and carbohydrates. Poor ... Read More »