How to Calculate the Debye Length?

Answer Debye length is a measure for the electrostatic screening in plasma, colloids or in a semiconductor material. It is very relevant to determine the stability and the use of surfactants for colloidal... Read More »

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How do I calculate the length of an arc?

Divide the central angle of the arc by 360. This decimal will represent the fraction of the circle's circumference represented by the arc.Calculate the circumference of the whole circle by multiply... Read More »

How to Calculate Length?

The three measurable components of any object are height, length and depth. Length is defined as the longest distance of an object, be it over land, space or the dimensions of a solid object. Over ... Read More »

How to Calculate Mass From Length?

Ice cubes float; the Titanic did not. Density is a property of all objects and substances. It determines how objects and substances behave, for example, when they are dropped in the water or thrown... Read More »

How to Calculate Degrees From an Arc Length?

A circle's arc length might cover the central angle underneath, but it doesn't hide the angle. The arc length, which is a section of the circumference, and the measurement of its associated angle, ... Read More »