How to Calculate the DeBroglie?

Answer In 1923, Louis DeBroglie proposed that, as photons of light have wavelength and momentum, ordinary matter does, also. The momentum of an object and its wavelength are inversely related; an electron... Read More »

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How Do You Calculate an ARC?

An arc is an unbroken, even curve. All arcs are measurable once their curve is extended to form a full circle--by nature, this circle contains 360 degrees of measurement. From this point, it is pos... Read More »

How to Calculate a pH?

In chemistry, water is considered to be an inert solution. Inert means that the water does not react chemically with other substances. When reference is made to corrosion or other undesired effects... Read More »

How to Calculate Oee?

Overall Equipment Effectiveness, or Oee, is a modern way to assess production. This measurement can be used for a variety of systems, from a single workstation to a large industrial plant or facili... Read More »

How to Calculate FCR?

Every business that has a call center dealing with customers should be concerned with its first call resolution, or FCR, rates. By calculating FCR, a business can determine the percentage of custom... Read More »