How to Calculate the Days in a Month?

Answer Remembering how many days are in each month baffles children and adults alike. Add in the short month of February and leap year every four years and the picture gets even murkier. Fortunately, ther... Read More »

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Could you be pregnant if you stopped taking the pill a month ago and had a strange 4-day period last month and you are 6 days late for your period this month but a pregnancy test was negative?

Answer Unlikely. Its most likely a effect from stopping the pill.

If you normally have your period for 7 days and this month you had it for 5 days could you become pregnant on days 8 and 9?

Can I return a faulty tv to argos that has 4 days left on its 12 month garantee, they cant repair it 6 days?

If the t.v is still under guarantee, it doesn't matter how much of the guarantee is left, they have to do something. Are you also saying that they cant fix it in 6 days (therefore out of guarantee)... Read More »

My period was 2 days late and lasted 8 days last month?

The dark brown is that blood that was left behind from your last period. I've gotten it as well.It might be the diet. Things like stress, changing the food you eat. etc can cause irregularities in ... Read More »