How to Calculate the Current From a Torque?

Answer In regard to motorsports or automobile mechanics, calculating torque in your motor will tell you the power of your vehicle's engine. You can also calculate the current or full-load torque generate... Read More »

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How to Calculate FT Lbs. of Torque?

For certain applications, such as bolting on a cylinder head or putting wheels on, you will need to make sure that the fastener you are tightening is installed using the proper FT pounds (foot poun... Read More »

How to Calculate the HP From RPM & Torque?

Horsepower (HP), revolutions per minute (RPM) and torque are terms people frequently use to describe automotive engine performance. The three are all related by a simple mathematical formula, and y... Read More »

How to Calculate Torque to Move a Car?

The difference between a good car and a bad car can be found in torque.Torque is one of two measurements that make-up the specifications of a car engine. If you have a working car or are constructi... Read More »

How to Calculate the Net Torque on the Beam?

Structural and dynamic beams take many forms both in buildings and machines. Designing either involves calculating the moments around the beam, which means force and distance studies about how load... Read More »