How to Calculate the Change in Weight on Earth?

Answer When on Earth, your mass and your weight are always equal to each other. However, when you leave the Earth, your mass will remain constant but your weight will change. Your weight changes due to gr... Read More »

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How to Find the Weight for a Person on Earth?

Although determining the weight of a person on Earth is seemingly as simple as weighing them on a scale, it also is an important principle in earth science that a person's weight varies from planet... Read More »

How to Calculate the Rate at Which the Moon Orbits the Earth?

Learn to calculate the speed at which the moon orbits the Earth using Johannes Kepler's Third Law. Kepler's Third Law states that the square of the time required for a satellite to orbit is proport... Read More »

How to Calculate Weight in Kg?

The International System of Units is the updated version of the metric system that scientists, doctors and lay people use throughout the world. Common units of measurement include liters, meters an... Read More »

How to Calculate Dry Weight?

Learn to calculate the dry weight of a substance without the use of a scale. Dry weight implies the material, such as grain or sand, has not been soaked with water making it heavier. Weight depends... Read More »