How to Calculate the Carbon-14 in a Fossil?

Answer The carbon in the biosphere is mostly stable carbon-12 and carbon-13, with a small amount of radioactive carbon-14 that is constantly being replenished by cosmic ray reactions in the atmosphere. On... Read More »

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How to Calculate Your Carbon Footprint?

In this age of environmental awareness, more people are becoming conscious of their daily lives and business activities and their impact on the environment. A carbon footprint measures the amount o... Read More »

How to Calculate the Mass of Carbon Dioxide Gas?

You will far more likely know a quantity of carbon dioxide's volume than its mass. The density of this volume, and its consequent mass, depends on two factors. An increased pressure corresponds wit... Read More »

Can carbon water filters cause carbon monoxide?

A carbon filter is made of coal that water passes through, which traps the particles and clean water is deposited in the glass. Carbon dioxide is not created because there are no chemical reactions... Read More »

Are carbon arrows made of carbon?

Carbon arrows do contain carbon, but different types contain different amounts. For example, hybrid carbon arrows contain both carbon and aluminum. Cross-weave arrows contain alternating layers of ... Read More »