How to Calculate the Break Even Point in Dollar Sales?

Answer Understanding your business's break-even point is a fundamental budget and cash-flow projection tool. The break-even point is when sales revenue equals total expenses; there is zero profit, but the... Read More »

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How to Calculate the Break-even Sales Amount?

Calculating break-even sales allows management to estimate how many sales, in dollars, the company needs to complete in order not to lose money. This is important for managers because they can trac... Read More »

How to Calculate the Break Even Point of a Mortgage?

People who take out a mortgage often do not keep it for the entire term. You may end a mortgage early to refinance, or pay off the old mortgage with a new one that offers a lower interest rate. Ban... Read More »

How to Calculate a Financial Break-Even Point?

The financial break-even point for a company is the level at which the profits from production and sales of merchandise equal the fixed costs for producing the products. This is the point at which ... Read More »

How to Calculate the Break Even Point for Spreads and Totals?

At first glance, it may seem that your hometown friend is giving you comparable odds to Las Vegas style of sports betting. All this is not as it appears, simply do the math by putting in numbers to... Read More »