How to Calculate the Base of an Isosceles Triangle?

Answer The properties of an isosceles triangle include two sides of equal lengths and two angles with equal measurements, called the base angles. The base of the triangle is the side that is not equal in ... Read More »

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How to Calculate an Isosceles Triangle?

An isosceles triangle is any triangle where two of its three sides are of equal length. The two sides of equal length are called legs, and the third side is called the base. The height of the trian... Read More »

How to Prove an Isosceles Right Triangle?

The term "isosceles triangle" refers to a three-sided shape in which two of the sides have an equal length, while a right triangle is one that has one angle that is exactly 90 degrees. These condit... Read More »

The Different Shapes of an Isosceles Triangle?

Geometry students have to memorize a variety of shapes to succeed in class, many of which have different and confusing names. For example, triangles can be equilateral, where all of the sides and a... Read More »

How to Find the Area of an Isosceles Triangle?

The area of isosceles triangle is 1/2* ( square of equal side)* sin of the vertical angle