How to Calculate the Amount Owed After a Percent Off?

Answer If you enjoy shopping for items on sale, you may have found yourself trying to figure out how much money you would owe after a certain percentage is subtracted from the original price of an item. M... Read More »

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How do you calculate how much taxes are owed on a specific amount earned?

Calculating the amount of federal income taxes you'll owe on earned income every year is something of a chore. In order to make the deadline, plenty of Americans scramble around, scrounging throug... Read More »

I was told by my doctor that my finger would never be the same and he assessed me with a permanent disability How do I calculate the amount owed if my job has no insurance and wants to settle?

You don't. There are guidelines for disabilities that have to be certified by the doctor. Each part of the body has a value. Answer Also, your best bet would be to get a lawyer that specializes in... Read More »

Amount of Taxes Owed From a Partnership?

Partnerships are usually not taxed as separate entities, although exceptions exist. Partners are taxed by the federal government and state governments on partnership income according to their tax s... Read More »

How does our condo association foreclose and collect the amount they are owed?

Read the governing documents; look in the index under Assessments. Then read about the process for notifying the owner of a delinquency, the owner's right of appeal or petition, and other steps tha... Read More »