How to Calculate an Average Stockholder's Equity?

Answer Every public company publishes an annual report with at least three financial statements. The financial statements provide anyone reading them with information about company assets, liabilities, st... Read More »

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What Are the Common Disclosures for Stockholders' Equity?

Disclosures refer to information that businesses must reveal to their shareholders regarding the company and its stock. Specifically, according to basic accounting principles, businesses must discl... Read More »

What Can Be Found on a Statement of Stockholders' Equity?

Found on a company's balance sheet, stockholders' equity (also called shareholders' equity) is a measure of how much a firm's operations are funded through common stock, preferred stock and retaine... Read More »

Why Is Treasury Stock Subtracted From a Stockholders' Equity?

Publicly traded companies may engage in different types of transactions in their stock after their initial public offering. For example, a company may issue new shares or repurchase existing shares... Read More »

How to Calculate the Dividend for Stockholders?

Dividend payments are a distribution of a portion of a company's earnings to its stockholders and can occur at different intervals, such as quarterly or annually. A company is not obligated to pay ... Read More »