How to Calculate an Average Amount?

Answer To calculate an average amount for a set of quantities, add up all of the quantities in the set. Divide the sum by the number of the quantities in the set to arrive at the average amount.Source: ht... Read More »

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How do I calculate the amount of fabric to buy?

Measure in inches the object you wish to cover with fabric. First measure the object's length and then its width with a sewing measuring tape. Write down your measurements.Add the two measurements ... Read More »

How do I calculate the VAT on the total amount?

Add VAT to PriceMultiply the price of an item by the Value Added Tax, or VAT, to find how much tax is added to the price. In England, the VAT is 17.5 percent, so multiply the price by .175. For exa... Read More »

How to Calculate the NPV of a Single Amount?

One of the most salient principles in finance is the time value of money. This is the main principle behind the net present value (NPV) calculation. The net present value is the present value betwe... Read More »

How to Calculate an Amount to Be Financed?

The full price of a major purchase such as a house, boat or car is rarely financed. Most lenders for these types of loans require a down payment of some sort, usually expressed as a percentage. Add... Read More »