How to Calculate an Annuity Withdrawal Considering Inflation?

Answer At time one may wish to know the withdrawal rate from an annuity (Savings account, IRA, CD, Brokerage,etc.) at an estimated rate of return, Y, with and estimated inflation rate, I, for a specific n... Read More »

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How to Pay Tax on an Annuity Withdrawal?

An annuity can be a useful savings tool for retirement. Investments in an annuity grow tax deferred. You do not owe taxes on investment gains until they are withdrawn in retirement. In exchange for... Read More »

What annuity is required for withdrawal?

An "immediate annuity" is designed to provide income withdrawals upon purchase. However, withdrawals are allowed from other types of annuities as well. It's important to know the terms of your cont... Read More »

Annuity Fund Withdrawal?

Annuities are insurance products designed and sold by insurance companies that offer tax-deferred savings for retirement. The savings can be used to supplement your retirement income or can be pass... Read More »

Penalties for Annuity Withdrawal?

While annuity investments are considered long-term transactions that can be part of a larger retirement strategy, opportunities are available to withdraw funds from the account earlier than the min... Read More »