How to Calculate an Amount to Be Financed?

Answer The full price of a major purchase such as a house, boat or car is rarely financed. Most lenders for these types of loans require a down payment of some sort, usually expressed as a percentage. Add... Read More »

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How to Calculate Amount Financed in Excel?

A loan calculator created in Microsoft Excel is capable of determining a number of different factors related to a standard installment loan. Prior to purchase, a loan calculator can project the siz... Read More »

Options If Property Value Is Less Than Financed Amount?

So-called "low" appraisals, in which the property value is less than the agreed-upon sales price or amount to be financed can be a big headache for home buyers, home sellers and homeowners, especia... Read More »

What if the appraised value of home is less than the financed amount?

An appraisal of value is almost always required when a buyer wants to obtain a mortgage to purchase a home. But what happens if the home isn't worth as much as the price the buyer is willing to pay... Read More »

How do I calculate the amount of fabric to buy?

Measure in inches the object you wish to cover with fabric. First measure the object's length and then its width with a sewing measuring tape. Write down your measurements.Add the two measurements ... Read More »