How to Calculate an APY of a Bond?

Answer A company or the government issues bonds in order to finance a project. An investor buys the bonds and receives interest on the money that they agreed to pay to the project. Although interest rates... Read More »

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How to Calculate Bond Repayments?

There are two main types of investments: debt and equity. While equity represents an ownership stake in the company, debt represents a claim against future earnings in the company. As such, bonds p... Read More »

How to Calculate Bond Convexity?

Convexity is one of several tools used to evaluate the volatility of a bond portfolio. It measures how sensitive the term of a bond is to a change in its interest rate. The convexity is positive wh... Read More »

How to Calculate Bond Spread?

If you are a trader, investor or anyone involved in the bond market, you may want to know about how to calculate bond spread. This is key for identifying the various risks and benefits of a particu... Read More »

How to Calculate Bond Energy?

Chemistry happens on the atomic level. In order to fully understand chemistry, it is necessary to count by atoms and molecules, rather than weights. Bond energy is an important concept in chemistry... Read More »